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I'm Rachel Jackson

I'm a Manifesting Coach, Spiritual Queen, Author and Podcaster for women just like you. 

I teach you how to maximise your intuition, mindset and energy to become a magnet for your desires.  


My Story

Firstly I wasn't always intuitive. I would love to say I had the gift from a young age but I really didn't. I was always drawn to spiritualists and energy healers and I always looked to them for answers or inspiration. 

I think I was constantly looking for magic. Life felt so normal and quite frankly hard, I just thought there has to be more. 
This craving to add magic to my life resulted in 2017 me activating my intuition and stumbling across Manifesting, or maybe manifesting stumbled across me.

There it was, all the magic I had dreamed of. Like a gateway to a whole new world had opened. It was like Pandora's box and there was no going back. So here I am 5 years later with my own business, a podcast, an international best selling author, magic literally flowing through my veins and this is just the start. 

All the things...

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